A short introduction

About Us

From its first ever branch in Santa Cruz, which opened on July 14, 1996, LDC Diagnostics (formerly Laguna Diagnostic Center) has since established branches in different areas of Laguna, as well as in Batangas and Quezon. LDC Diagnostics specializes in a diverse range of medical and diagnostic services in the fields of radiology (ultrasound and x-ray) and clinical laboratory.

Who is LDC Diagnostics

Who is your team?

Our team of licensed radiologists, who have been trained and worked at the top hospitals in the Philippines, are experts in general sonography and ob-gyn.

Clinical Pathologist
Our clinical pathologists have experienced working at the best hospitals in the country.

Medical Technologists
Our medical technologists are not only board certified, they have also received certifications in HIV Training, Drug Testing, Parasitology, and Microbiology.

Radiologic Technologists
Our radiologic technologists are board certified practitioners who undergo regular equipping and training.


LDC Diagnostics is committed to provide high quality ancillary medical services through its advanced facilities and technology and highly skilled and customer-oriented staff for its patients’ health care needs and satisfaction.


LDC Diagnostics envisions itself to be the leading diagnostic and multi-specialty clinic, upholding the culture of excellence and social responsibility in the CALABARZON area.